pigeonhed (pigeonhed) wrote,

Books On My Shelf but not on yours?

There's a meme going about, cant remember where I saw it, listing 'Ten Books You own that Nobody Else onyour Friends List Does'

Well, of course this is a guess, my friends all being extremely well-read, eclectic and broad minded, but here goes:

The Fountain Of Highlandtown -- Rafael Alvarez
The Stones Of Aran -- Tim Robinson (it occurs to me that I could have listed six works by Robinson and 3 by Alvarez to start this list, but thats too sly.)
The Cremaster Cycle -- Matthew Barney
The Amount To Carry -- Carter Scholz
I, Wabenzi -- Rafi Zabor
The Claremont Correspondence -- Claire Clairmont et al
The Bravo Of Venice -- MG Lewis
Poems &c -- Joanna Baillie
The Triumph Of Laughter : William Hone & The Fight For Freedom Of The Press -- Ben Wilson
Instant replay -- Jerry Kramer
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